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Paint's Prince
Black / White Tobiano

Hawk had an unfortunate accident and had to be put down.
He is honored and remembered by those who have his foals.
Hawk passed on his superior intelligence and gait to his offspring
and we are proud to have two of his sons standing in our barn.
Sensational Shadow At DB and Hawk's Maxmillion will continue to
pass on the wonderful qualities that they inherited from their father.
Died 11-28-01


Paint's Prince ( Hawk )
March 4, 1988---November 28, 2001
Paint's Moon Man x Sweet Shadow's Gal
Paint The Town x Insignias Sweetheart------Shadow Red Commotion x Sweet Mystery W.
Shadow's Black Bird x Dusty Sally--------------------Go Boy's Shadow x Lady Burbon
Go Boy's Insignia x Gay Boy's Sweetheart------Midnight Mystery P.x Sweet Chesterfield

Pictures of some of Hawk's foals are on our
Foals from our Stallions page.

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