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Lazy Acres Pleasure Horse Farm    
Tennessee Walker, Spotted Saddle, Racking,
and Champagne  Horses
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Hawk's Maxmillion

Max was foaled here on our farm. He is the last son born to
Paint's Prince aka "Hawk" and Red Tide. He has super comformation
and very smooth barefoot gaits. Max is currently in training and
will be on the trails and in the show ring this season.
This is Max's premier year as a breeding stallion.  
We are very optomistic he will produce some very nice foals,
just like his father and brother Sensational Shadow At DB.

Hawk's Maxmillion
Playing in the snow!
Paint's Prince------xx--------Red Tide
Paint's Moon Man--xx--Sweet Shadow's Gal------Shocker's B.T.O.--xx--Barb-Wire
Paint The Town--xx--Insignias Sweetheart-------Shaker's Shocker--xx--Carousel Lady
Shadow Red Commotion--xx--Sweet Mystery W.---------Night Patrol--xx--Judy's Last Chance
Introductory stud fee: $250.            
Don't miss this special premier fee for 2003 breeding season.
Mare care $6.00 a day.
Negative culture and coggins required.

Lazy Acres Pleasure Horse Farm
Don and Brenda Coler
10288 Sprucevale Rd.
Rogers, Ohio 44455