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Lazy Acres Pleasure Horse Farm
Tennessee Walking, Spotted Saddle, Racking,
and Champagne Horses
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These are a few of the foals from our stallions.

                             Sensational Katie and mommy Kitty                Sensational Boogie Girl           
                             Sire: Sensational Shadow AT DB                   Sire: Sensational Shadow At DB
                             Dam: Parade's Spittin Kitten                             Dam: Debbie's Dutches
                                          5 days old                                                           3 hours old

                             Sensational Ebony  SOLD                          Painted Snickers  SOLD
                             Sire: Sensational Shadow AT DB            Sire: Paint's Prince
                             Dam: Threat's Magic Witch                         Dam: LAPHF Snowflake
                                         3 weeks old                                                2 weeks old
High Dollar Princess
 Sire: Threat's High Dollar  Dam: Threat's Magic Witch
7 months and 6 weeks old

Threat's Angel
Sire: Threat's High Dollar
Dam: Tacke's Sugar
8 weeks old

Sensational Spinner and Sensational Rebel
With their new owners
Sire: Sensational Shadow At DB
Dams: Debbie's Dutchess and
Laphf Snowflake
both at 10 months

Threat' Romeo
Sire: Threat's Banchee
Dam: Parade's Spittin Kitten            
2 weeks old

Sensational Dude
Sire: Sensational Shadow At DB
Dam: Busse's Fannie May
pictured at 3 days old

Lazy Acres Pleasure Horse Farm
Don and Brenda Coler
10288 Sprucevale Rd.
Rogers, Ohio 44455